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TRX Course Instructor Highlights: Charlotte Tooth
Posted on May 2, 2019 11:05:13 AM in TRX Course Instructor Highlights
TRX Course Instructor Highlights

TRX Course Instructor Highlights: Charlotte Tooth

Name: Charlotte Tooth

Location: London, UK

PHOTO-2019-05-02-17-21-29 (2)

Working in the Fitness Industry Since: 2012

TRX Course Instructor Since: 2019

Area of expertise/Topics of Contribution

TRX, Pre and Post natal, Barre method, Mobility, Fascial release techniques, Mat pilates, Injury rehab, Postural Specialist.

The Following Educators Have Inspired My Career...
Thomas Myers, Randy Hetrick, Darcey Bussell, Joseph Pilates, Zena Romett, Luka Hocevar, Dr Nick Helton, Zach Deckelbaum. 


Background and Experience
I started my career as a professional dancer, working for companies in the UK and worldwide.I transitioned into fitness after obtaining various injuries and being inquisitive about injury rehab and prevention. I began studying barre technique, mat pilates, pre and post natal exercise and then moved into specialist postural rehab and personal training. I work closely with physiotherapists across London to provide support for clients who want to transition back to exercise after injury as well as those who want to learn to move better.


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Favourite quote/Motto/Words of Wisdom

'Make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant'.

'Diamonds were once a girls best friend. Then leggings happened'.

'Creativity is intelligence having fun'.

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