Anchoring + Accessories

No matter how you train, we have all the accessories and anchoring solutions to make it an easier, safer and more enjoyable experience.

Anchoring Solutions

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The TRX Xmount provides a small, sturdy anchor point for your TRX Training gear.


The new white TRX Xmount provides a small, sturdy anchor point for your TRX Training gear.



A discreet home anchoring solution, the TRX Invizi-Mount provides a place for Suspension Training which can easily be covered up with a picture frame after your workout.


Anchor your TRX trainer to any sturdy door with the TRX Door Anchor and train anywhere.


Get the extra length and security you need to anchor your Suspension Trainer.


The TRX Xmount lag shields firmly anchor your Xmount into any concrete or brick surface.



Hang this up where you train and use it as a reference to develop total-body strength.


All the visual aid and instruction you need for working on advanced-level strength with one convenient poster.


The perfect TRX Rip Training exercise guide, complete with visual aids and instructions.


The perfect amount of resistance for smaller individuals, seniors or young, developing athletes.


The TRX Rip Trainer Medium Resistance Cord offers the standard, entry-level resistance.


Add a new level of intensity to your workouts with the TRX Rip Trainer Heavy Resistance Cord.


At 38 lbs of resistance, this Rip Training cord delivers an intense, total-body challenge.


Our heaviest, most challenging Rip Training Cord. Offering 50 lbs. of resistance.