While on deployment, Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick creates the first version of TRX using only a jiu jitsu belt and parachute webbing.


Hetrick earns his MBA from Stanford University and develops the first version of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, quickly capturing the attention of athletes, coaches and trainers.


Travelfit, Inc. officially launches and Hetrick begins selling the Travel X—the precursor to the TRX Suspension Trainer—out of the trunk of his car in San Francisco.


TRX launches the first Suspension Training® course to instruct trainers on how to bring TRX to gyms everywhere.


TRX enters the international market.


TRX FORCE® launches as a military training program and is incorporated by the US Marine Corps.


Five years after launch, TRX has more than one million users in over 60 countries. To celebrate, we officially partner with NFL quarterback and TRX enthusiast Drew Brees.


The flagship TRX Training Center opens at TRX HQ in San Francisco, kickstarting programming and education developments.


TRX acquires RipCore FX® to form TRX Rip® Training. The Pro Pack, a new Suspension Trainer design, is unveiled to meet the needs of fitness professionals. TRX also hosts the first-ever Rip Training course along with a sports medicine Suspension Training Course.


TRX introduces two innovations for the commercial space: the TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer and group Rip Training education course.


TRX introduces trainer basics, the first-ever online Suspension Training course.


TRX hosts its first TRX Trainer Summit in Long Beach, CA with attendees from all across the globe.


TRX develops a comprehensive educational curriculum to create the TRX Academy, effectively establishing the industry gold standard for Functional Training Education of fitness professionals.