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Posted on Jan 27, 2020 8:46:27 AM


We have partnered with Offblak as part of their #NewYearBetterYou campaign, to give you the chance to win our brand new TRX Rocker and one set of Offblak Chill Out teas.

To enter:

- Follow both accounts on Instagram: @TRX_UK and @OFFBLAK.

- Tag 3 friends that you wish to challenge to a #NewYearBetterYou on our Instagram post here.

*Competition open to UK residents only* Good Luck!

The TRX Rocker

ROCK. DON'T ROLL. Setting a new standard in foam rolling, our TRX Rocker® is the only tool that promotes rocking, a highly effective technique for achieving hyper-focused muscle release, increased blood flow, circulation and overall relaxation and recovery.

TRX Competition 1


Turning the traditional tea market on its head, Offblak is going full steam ahead with both style and substance.


Offblak offers all the benefits you need without having to lose out on flavour or excitement. They encourage the new generation of tea to be bold, never beige, making tea cool again! Their 12 unique tea flavours are not just tasty but good for you and designed with you in mind. Whether you want to fuel your workout, detox your body, chill out after an intense day or live life caffeine free, they have a tea for you!

Shop their Winter Sale now and bag 3 tea packs for the price of 2 and make sure you enter our competition here.

Good Luck!

*Winner Revealed 3rd February

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