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TRX Continues Offering its Pioneering “Suspension Training” Course in a Live, Virtual Setting - Free of Charge
Posted on Jun 4, 2020 4:14:47 AM in News

TRX Continues Offering its Pioneering “Suspension Training” Course in a Live, Virtual Setting - Free of Charge

Due to COVID-19, the fitness industry has rapidly adapted to the current global climate, providing fully digital resources almost overnight in order to sustain mass relevance. In response to the pandemic, TRX, the global leader in functional training equipment, world-class training content, and App-based training technology, transformed its TRX Suspension Training® Course into a free, live virtual edition via ZOOM.

Since launching at the end of April, TRX has graduated more than 11,000 professionals worldwide. Normally costing £150, this six-hour live virtual course is being offered complimentary. The TRX “Suspension Training Course” educates consumers on how to effectively incorporate TRX Suspension Training® into their coaching practice for improved results with clients, students, athletes and patients.

“These unprecedented times are testing all of us. At TRX, we knew immediate action was necessary to help support the fitness industry and it's trainers,” said Nathan D’Rozario, TRX Education & Training Manager EMEA. “By quickly pivoting to making our education available online and offering it completely free, we were in the mindset of supporting fitness professionals utilising this time of physical restriction and gym closures to further their education and add a skill to their repertoire that would be useful to them in the future.

The course programming was developed to provide a perfect introduction for all levels and goals, for online personal training and group training. Attendees will learn how to properly set up a TRX Suspension Trainer and use it in any setting, with any level of client. The course teaches attendees to apply principles of the TRX movement-based coaching system as they cue and correct common faults.

“We have been completely inspired by the number of completed registrants to date and the feedback has been fantastic. Our TRX Master Trainers have quickly adapted to a new, virtual way of teaching the course, and there has been a 98% pass rate,” Nathan adds. “COVID-19 has forced the industry to fully embrace technology, and there’s no going back now. We’re excited to be at the forefront of delivering our services virtually to trainers across the world and plan to continue evolving and adapting our education offering to support fitness professionals and the industry as a whole.”

To date, seven live courses have been delivered in the UK graduating over 1,400 people, adding to the worldwide growing total of over 11,000 certified TRX trainers.

Delivered on the Zoom platform, there will be two more free, virtual course dates in June on 10th and 24th and then from July, TRX will move these courses to a minimal fee, paid model to support the TRX Master Trainers delivering the content.

To book your place, continue your professional TRX education journey with further courses or to find out more about TRX education visit

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