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Randy Hetrick

TRX was born of necessity in the Navy SEALs. After TRX founder and inventor Randy Hetrick graduated from college at USC, he spent the next 14 years serving as a Navy SEAL commando. His operational career culminated as a Squadron Commander of the SEAL's elite special missions unit where circumstances inspired him to experiment with what would become TRX.

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In need of a way to maintain peak physical condition while on deployment, Navy SEAL Squadron Commander, Randy Hetrick, uses a jujitsu belt, parachute webbing and sheer ingenuity to develop the first version of the TRX® Suspension Trainer ™.


Hetrick attends Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, earns his MBA, refines the Suspension Trainer and plans to bring it to market. His unique training device begins to capture the attention of athletes, coaches and trainers.


On March 22, 2004, Hetrick officially launches Travelfit, Inc. Accompanied by his dog Blueberry, Hetrick begins selling the Travel X, the precursor to the TRX Suspension Trainer, out of the trunk of his car in San Francisco. His goal: democratize world-class training.


TRX launches the first Suspension Training® Course specifically for trainers and the TRX experience begins to spread to the gym-going masses.


TRX makes first sale into the international market.


TRX introduces the Xmount®, its first commercial anchoring solution, to help answer the growing demand for TRX group training programs.

TRX launches military-specific TRX FORCE® brand and is adopted as a staple component in US Marine Corps training.


The flagship TRX Training Center® opens at company HQ in San Francisco as an experiential testing and development lab that leads to advances in TRX group training, programming and education.

TRX launches the first Group Suspension Training Course, providing trainers and facilities with the ideal solution to bridge the gap between personal training and group exercise.


TRX can now be found in gyms in more than 60 countries and is more than one million users strong.

TRX officially partners with long-time TRX user and NFL quarterback Drew Brees.


RipCore FX® merges with TRX. TRX Rip® Training™ is born along with programming and education to support the modality.

TRX introduces TEAM Camps to provide custom small group training solutions for any facility.

TRX launches a new Suspension Trainer, the Pro Pack, designed specifically to meet the needs of fitness professionals with new features including the patented Locking Loop.


TRX launches the first-ever Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course.

TRX hosts the first-ever Rip Training Course


TRX launches its first Group Rip Training education course, providing another innovative small group training solution for the commercial space.

TRX launches the TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer, the first Suspension Trainer purpose-built exclusively for the commercial space.


TRX introduces Trainer Basics, the first-ever online Suspension Training course.

TRX launches MyLocker, a digital portal used to seamlessly deliver content to consumers, pros and commercial customers.

Launch of TRX Core®, an exclusive, first of its kind digital product designed to help trainers and fitness pros stay competitive by partnering with the world-class TRX brand.


TRX hosts its first TRX Trainer Summit in Long Beach, CA, and its second in Orlando, FL. Trainers from all over the globe attended to Learn from the Leaders in Functional Training in these two day events.


TRX Launches a new TRX Education Journey with updated courses and a clear path of progression.

Randy Hetrick appears as a judge on the Spike TV fitness entrepreneur show "Sweat Inc".