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GQ April17
TRX Featured in GQ 03.29.17 Featured In The TRX Suspension Trainer was featured in GQ's "6 Pull-Up Alternatives to Help You Bust Through Plateaus" article. Read full article here.
WomensHealth April17
TRX Duo Trainer Featured in Women's Health 03.28.17 Featured In The TRX Duo Trainer was featured in the April issue of Women's Health. Read the full article on how to refresh your home-gym workouts. 
Strong Fitness Mag JanFeb17
TRX Featured in Strong Fitness Magazine 03.24.17 Featured In TRX's Chris Frankel speaks to TRX for women. Read full article here.
PFP March17
TRX Pro Featured in PFP 03.24.17 Featured In Personal Fitness Professional Features TRX Pro in the Winter 2017 Issue. Check out full article here.
Lava MarchApril17
TRX Featured in Lava Magazine 03.21.17 Featured In Lava Magazine includes TRX Suspension Training in their article speaking to mobility. Read full article here.
Shape March17
Shape Magazine Features TRX For Women 03.21.17 Featured In Shape Magazine speaks to what TRX workouts can do for women. Read full article here.
Popsugar Duo Trainer March17
Popsugar features TRX Duo Trainer 03.21.17 Featured In Popsugar features the TRX Duo Trainer in The Must-Have, Newest, Freshest Fitness Gear For March article. Read full article here.
SGB Media March17
TRX Connect in SGB Media 03.21.17 Featured In TRX's new digital platform TRX Connect was featured in SGB Media. Learn more about TRX Connect now.
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Club Solutions November16
Club Solutions: TRX's Chris Frankel Speaks... 11.23.16 TRX News + Events Chris Frankel, Head of Human Performance at TRX, speaks with Club Solutions about TRX and functional training. Click here to read more from Frankel.
Men's Health_Oct16
Forge Big Shoulders - They carry a hefty... 11.23.16 TRX News + Events People carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. So we have to take care of them. Men's Health highlighted these shoulder specific exercises to strengthen, prevent injury, and improve your profile in that t-shirt.
TRX Workout in Shape Magazine 03.11.16 TRX News + Events "If you've used a TRX or seen one in action, you know that it's no joke. The hanging straps ratchet up the resistance of body-weight moves by leveraging gravity and make each rep a balance challenge." - TRX featured in Shape,...
Women's Health 10.15
TRX Featured in Women's Health 10.19.15 TRX News + Events "'Nearly every exercise on a suspension trainer engages your core more than traditional moves do, because they require a lot more balance,' says strength and conditioning specialist Todd Durkin, owner of FitnessQuest10 in San Diego, who...
pop sugar
TRX Yoga Featured in PopSugar July 2015 10.15.15 TRX News + Events TRX Yoga was recently featured on POPSUGAR Fitness online. Click here to read more.
ABC News Logo
TRX Featured on ABC News May 2015 09.30.15 TRX News + Events TRX featured in ABC News Online, May 2015. Click here to read more.
Men's Fitness Oct 14
Olivia Munn on TRX in Men’s Fitness 10.14.14 TRX News + Events “Thanks to a hardcore training, golfing, and surfing regimen, Olivia Munn - aka Hollywood’s hottest geek - is fitter than ever….’I travel with a TRX that I can attach to any door.’” Olivia Munn talks to...
strahan MH
TRX Featured in Men’s Fitness October, 2014 09.24.14 TRX News + Events “Michael Strahan may have hung up his cleats after his Super Bowl-winning 2007 season with the New York Giants, but he’s still a jock at heart.” TRX featured in Michael Strahan’s Men’s Fitness workout.