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Whether you are looking for a TRX® Qualified instructor to help you achieve your better, or a TRX®-licensed facility for an incredible group class experience, you'll find the best of the best in the TRX® Directory.

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There are different options and packages available for all types of people. Explore our collection of workouts and training programs to get the most out of TRX®.

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Whether you want to burn fat, lose weight and build lean muscle, or just get in the best shape of your life, TRX® delivers all of the gear, workouts and training tips you need to become a better version of your self. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest from TRX®.

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Having developed the world's best training equipment and workout programs, TRX® exists to help you find, chase, earn your way to a better version of yourself.

What the Press is Saying

Men's Fitness

Men's Fitness

TRX was recently featured in Men's Fitness, October 2015. See the full article here.

Women's Health

Women's Health

"Nearly every exercise on a suspension trainer engages your core more than traditional moves do, because they require a lot more balance."



"The TRX Suspension Trainer serves as a great tool, especially for swimming, because it requires you to constantly stabilize your body in an unstable environment." - TRX Featured in Triathlete Magazine July 2015.

Shape Magazine

Shape Magazine

"Get the hang of the Navy SEAL-designed workout with these first-timer tips."


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